Heritage Plaster Services - The Royal College of Music

The purpose of these works was to allow the full renovation of the main concert hall.

The original plaster casts/mouldings that made up the panelled ceiling had, by the simple passage of time, deteriorated and had become dangerous in their fragility.

The entire ceiling area required to be removed and replaced.
The new panels that were to replace the old ceiling in its entirety were designed to replicate the original ceiling in shape and general form, but at the same time to allow the introduction of modern sound, light and heating systems.

These works therefore consisted of the manufacture of moulds, the casting of new panels from these moulds, and the site assembly of these panels, as separate units to make up the complete ceiling.

The design of these moulds also allowed for the incorporation of air conditioning nozzles, access panels for maintenance purposes, access panels for lighting, sound and scenery pulleys, and a complete set out of acoustic panels as devised by Cole Jarman Associates.

As a result of these tests alterations to the panel designs were made, with the inclusion of different size holes to the panel faces, back boards, panel sizes and panel depth sizes. To allow for the various acoustic panel requirements, a.c. nozzles and access panels, 7 different moulds were needed.

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