Heritage Plaster Services - Bespoke Adam Style Celiing

The basis of these works were to create a Adam style room through the use of decorative plaster mouldings to the walls and ceiling based upon an Adam style but manufactured to suit the exact dimensions of the particular room.

The initial design idea was shown to us as a hand drawn detail on an A4 sheet as sketched by the client and their Interior specialist. Step 1: Transferral of sketch ideas to full working size: Drawing sheets were now set up to allow the full working size of the details to be shown. The decorative items were drawn up, using as many of our existing moulds and enrichment blocks as was possible, to sizes to scale for this room. Decorative mouldings were to be made for the frieze, cornice and capitals on the walls, these were used to provide the suggested pattern details to the ceiling.

Through the use of these patterns the details were transferred to site for the clients viewing and comment. At this time the final adjustments to suit the site dimensions exactly were made, whilst the proposed suggestions for decorative detail could be checked against various publications of authentic Adam projects.

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