Heritage Plaster Services - Bespoke Reception Desk Moulded in Sand & Cement

The initial design request was for the supply of this one piece sand and cement reception desk.

Once the details as to the final shape and design had been worked out, and the various logistics, such as checking with a structural engineer that the floor could hold the weight, and that it would be possible to deliver this to site as a one off item, the manufacture process started.

The mould was manufactured as a series of separate smaller moulds that were then put together, made good and readied for casting manufacture. The casting was done as a sand and cement item, but with the insertion of various strengthening materials, and reinforcement bars as required. As a part of this casting process access points were incorporated for the later application of the timber and leather cladding and finish. Further access points were also built in to allow for the media and electrical requirements of this completed reception desk.

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During this whole manufacture process it was imperative to remember that in the creation of the great look of this desk, the necessary shape resulted in a weight distribution that pulled the desk over onto its face. Therefore great care in the positioning of reinforcement bars, the fittings to be used, and the support of the mould during the casting process, had to be maintained.

The final part of this project was the removal of the cast, weighing approximately 500kg, from the mould in our workshop, the transportation to site including moving it to the reception area going up the steps from the street. Once in position the cast was lowered into position within the special floor space and bolted into place.

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