Heritage Plaster Services - Conservation, Repair & Restoration

Centuries of stunning architecture have given us a legacy of great beauty, as well as a visible, touchable reference to great moments within our history. But while many of our great buildings offer testament to the strength and durability of the design, materials and tradesmanship of the original craftsmen, the pressure of the years means they sometimes need a little help.

That help needs to be sympathetic, not just in appearance, but also in essence, to the original methods and materials used in each case. With high quality conservation and restoration work attuned to the nature of each building, combined with a full maintenance and monitoring programme, there's no reason why these fine buildings will not remain for centuries to come.

Our conservation and restoration services include:

  • Resecuring original ceiling and wall plaster
  • Patch repairs to original ceiling and wall plaster
  • Analysis of the original plaster
  • Removing paint and tarnish to restore plaster mouldings to their original state
  • Restoring damaged plaster mouldings by hand
  • Modelling and mould making
  • Full site surveys to record all existing moulding information

Fibrous Plaster Conservation Moulding Preservation Examples

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