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14/11/2013: Traditional methods, timeless quality

In these days of prefabricated pods, featureless steel frames and preponderance of car melting glazing it is possible to forget the attention to detail required within fine Period Architecture.

Attention to detail has been both a qualification and signature for skilled Artisans of all trades for Centuries. A simple example of such detail being the classical Modillion block cornice that is presently being set down as a model in our workshop as a work in progress.
The setting being required that the 5 separate enrichment details must follow a continuity that allows correct alignment of all sections at any point of Jointing, no matter where this would fall on its length. So ensuring the correct layout at each mitred corner, no matter what the length of wall nor the quantity of mitres.

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Additional Images
11/09/2013: Replication of Corinthian Capital column in Central London

An exciting addition to our moulding collection is this Corinthian Capital, manufactured to match to an existing item in Central London. The Corinthian order was one of original three styles of Greek architecture distinguished by the type of column and entablature used or a style developed from the original three by the Romans.

Thought by many to be the most ornate of the three orders, Corinthian capital columns are characterized by a slender fluted column having an ornate bell-shaped capital decorated with acanthus leaves. Working on such pieces is one of the great joys of the work that we do, and it is so satisfying to see the finished product in place.

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11/09/2013: Traditional designs for authentic refurbishments in Kensington & Chelsea

As the hottest days of the Summer seem to be over we at Heritage Plaster Services are presently rushing to complete the last of several external window pediment mouldings before the weather turns.

In addition to the normal mix of Bespoke and Conservation works being carried out at the moment, it has been great to see two of our oldest designs, LFA 45, and LFA 106, being used side by side on a major residential refurbishment in Chelsea. Both these designs have been favourites of interior design throughout Kensington and Chelsea over many years.

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28/06/2013: "Designer" Plasterers

Two Bespoke Columns recently supplied and fitted as part of the fitout for the new Tom Ford boutique shop in Selfridges on Oxford Street.

The columns were manufactured to fulfill strict architectural setting out  requirements. These being to ensure a complete match to other existing Columns to this floor, but also to allow the correct lay out of the actual shop itself.

The completed columns being of over 1 metre diameter with a shadow gap detail to the base.

A further order for two additional Columns is presently being processed for installation in the new Gucci store in Selfridges that is to open in July.

So next time you are enjoying a Designer Shopping Trip do take the time to visit Selfridges to view them in person!

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07/05/2013: Blending in a development of new homes in Trinity Street

A commonly held view of Conservation would be that this only pertains to older, period style properties. However, this is not always the case, as these photos of a recently completed project illustrate.

This project being a Development of new Build properties, completed during 2012, situated at Trinity Steet, just a stones throw from the famous Borough Market in London. The development consisted of a mixture of flats and single houses, to include a share of affordable housing. Built from new but designed to suit the existing local properties.

Heritage Plaster Services were fortunate to work alongside Denne Construction, in the manufacture, supply and installation of all the external mouldings shown in the photographs. This included the window architrave sections and pediments; the higher level Cornice; the Columns and overdoor Cornice to the porchways and rounded details to the main flat entrance.

Click here to see more images of the development.

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05/04/2013: In-Situ Staircase Moulding
This stair well in London was designed specifically for the customer's house and cast in situ for a unique and striking look. Heritage Plaster Services craftsmen used traditional methods and materials to create a stunning piece of bespoke work, totally in keeping with the character and design of the house.

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04/03/2013: Getting 2013 off to a great start!
February has been a good and busy month at Heritage Plaster Services.
The type and variation of ongong projects at the moment means it has been an exciting place to be.
As with any trade is is always best when all aspects of your expertise are being called upon.

This scope of works includes projects requiring:
  • Replastering using Oak Laths and Lime plasters.
  • Bespoke mould manufacture.
  • Supply and installation of many of our standard range mouldings.
  • Site survey and impressions taken for listed Stone mouldings.

Meanwhile February has also been a busy month for Consultancy and advisory works. These have included:
  • Advising on method and risk assessment to resecure and save a listed lath and plaster ceiling.
  • Acting as Architectural moulding and plasterwork Consultants on a major new restoration project due to start in Central London in the New Future.

As if this is not enough for one month the impending relocation of our workshop draws closer, further details to be posted
later in the month.

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02/10/2012: External Sand & Cement Mouldings in Hackney

The aim of this ad-hoc report is to illustrate and provide a very brief snapshot to our clients and associates, hopefully in an interesting manner, of recent items, projects and products supplied and completed by Heritage Plaster Services. Such that the products themselves, or simply a description of methods or materials, may be of interest on your future projects.

For instance this time of the year, as winter and the ravages of frost or snow disappear, damage to existing external mouldings may become visible.

As to the photograph, external mouldings, precast in sand and cement, or run in-situ, can quickly put right any such damage. This example of renovations to external sand and cement mouldings was carried out in Hackney.

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14/09/2012: Heritage Plastering Restoration Works

The trade of Fibrous Plastering encompasses several entirely different skills, each requiring a knowledge of different methods and materials. These vary from mould manufacture and the making of precast plaster items through the renovation and paint removal to in-situ items , right to the use of traditional materials such as lime plaster or even Wattle and daub.

As with many trades or professions of such diversity it is the lesser known or used facets of our skill base that normally provide the most gratification. This is no different in our business, being able to put the more skilled but less called upon areas of our trade into action is always enjoyable through the process and satisfying in its completion.

This summer of Olympic splendour has therefore been further expounded with the completion of two projects falling with this area.
Projects where our knowledge of traditional plastering methods and materials have been called upon. The salvage and replacement of hand riven lathing, the use of haired or non haired lime plaster, and the renovation of existing plaster mouldings.
Working alongside Conservation and Heritage bodies is always a fulfilling process, therefore to have been involved with two such projects, one with Islington and the other with Kensington, has been a very enjoyable experience.

As if this is not enough, this satisfaction has been further enhanced through our involvement with two separate one off commissions both involving unique items. The first being the manufacture of a large niche and second being an ornate bespoke ceiling. I attach photos to show this niche and the initial hand carving in clay of one cornice enrichment for the ceiling.

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30/11/2011: Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham Town Centre

Summer and Autumn have been a busy period for Heritage Plaster Services during which time we have been lucky enough to have been involved in several very interesting contracts including the refurbishment of the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham Town Centre. This project was a pleasure to be involved in, working alongside the main contractors, Speller Metcalfe, we undertook the complete refurbishment and restoration of this Grade one listed building of well over 100 years old. In order to achieve the great results not only did the more obvious aspects of damaged plasterwork require sympathetic remedial works, the entire ceiling structure was also surveyed to ensure the safety of this historic construction and also allow the installation of modern M&E equipment.

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